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Mason Dixon 270 Racing Series!

The 2021 racing season was one of variety! With 7 tracks on the schedule, fans and teams alike were in for a great season. Along with Trail-Way and Path Valley, we raced at Linda's Speedway, Airport Speedway, and BAPS Motor Speedway. 2 wingless races were held at Shellhammers Speedway. A winged race at Greenwood Valley Action tracks was scheduled, but unfortunately was cancelled due to rain.

2021 also saw a brand new champion as Craig Myers won a total of 6 out of 18 races, collecting 2,457 points, and defeating Stevie Daron Jr by 107 points. Cory Myers, Mike Boyer, Wyatt Rotz, Mike Rutherford, Logan Diehl, Tyler Brown, Lee Reinhardt, and Bill Laughman were also race winners. Dan Lane Jr and Alex Reinsmith were winners at our wingless races.