Age: 13

Hometown: East Berlin, PA

Chassis: RTS

      At the age of 13, she will be the youngest driver running with the series. Many people may know her as the 2019 Little Ms. Motorsports, but this princess has traded in her tiara for a helmet and a seat behind the wheel. Most people will only ever see her at the track, but you can also catch her on the volleyball court in her spare time. This keeps her occupied in the off-season when all she can think about is how many more days until that season opener!


      Wolf is no stranger to the racing atmosphere. She has spent almost every single weekend at the race track since 2016!! After a few years, it was finally time for her to be the one getting strapped in. Her first season was in 2019 running quarter midgets. But after just 1 season of wheeling a quarter midget, she decided to get into a 270 micro sprint. The 2020 season was her rookie year in the 270 class. With only one season of micros under her belt, she found that she loves ripping around the high banking at Path Valley Speedway! Wolf will be running her 270 again this year with her #1 priority being to learn new things every week. She is determined to get better and better every time she goes out onto the track and is always looking for the perfect opportunities to do so!


      Wolf Racing is a family owned team located in East Berlin, PA. Courtney’s father is a retired 358 and 410 driver who also has experience wrenching on cars and she loves following in her fathers footsteps. She looks forward to running with the Mason Dixon series in her 270 but also running some 600 micro sprint races!