colton hendershot

Age: 16

Hometown: Clear Spring, MD

Chassis: RTS

     Colton is a young racer with big aspirations. When he’s not behind the wheel, he’s the one doing the wrenching. He loves working with engines, whether it’s on a dirt bike, four wheeler, or even his own race car. Colton loves being around the racing atmosphere and spends a lot of time setting his car up to make it faster and faster each week.

      Have you ever seen that 46 car that has a brick pattern on the wing panels? Well, that’s Colton. Hendershot has been behind the wheel for 10 years. From the ages of 6-12 he ran go karts and gained some experience on dirt before stepping into a 270 micro sprint at the age of 13. Both, his car number and his love for the sport, has been inherited from his father. Last season, Hendershot ran about 10 races with the Mason Dixon Series and found himself ending up 8th in points at the end of the season. He may love traveling to different tracks but the big ⅓ mile, Trail-Way Speedway, seems to be his favorite. He must have a thing for bigger tracks.

      Going into this year, Hendershot hopes to park his car in victory lane for the first time in his 270 career. And, although it can be challenging some nights, he just wants to be able to bring his car home in one piece. Hendershot will be racing with our series once again this year and we can’t wait to see what he brings to the track each and every week!