Age: 30

Hometown: Hanover, PA

Chassis: RTS

          Brent’s a family guy. He enjoys every minute of being with his family whether it’s at the track or at home. His family enjoys being at the track with him and helping him out! Brent also has a family history of racers and loves keeping the legacy going!

          Brent is very familiar with the racing atmosphere, I mean, he’s been around it his whole life. His Grandfather, Uncle, Father, and Brother raced. And, in fact, the #1 on Brent’s car is actually a family number! If anyone followed the Mason Dixon Series last year, they’d know that Brent was our 2020 season point champion! Brent ran all 9 races with the series last year. He only won 1 Mason Dixon sanctioned race which, just so happens to be the reason he’s the reigning points champion. His successful seasons would make sense if you knew that he’s been racing for 24 years! Brent has been in a 270 Micro Sprint since 2012 and before that, he raced go-karts. And at this point, his career is far from over!

          This family team is based out of Hanover, PA. They’re favorite tracks to travel to are Path Valley and Kutztown. For this season, this team’s goals are simple: do their best to compete for wins on the track and have fun with their family off the track!