Age: 21

Hometown: Millerstown, PA

Chassis: Hyper

          Austin is a rookie who enjoys being out on the track just as much as the next guy! He tends to put most of his time into his race car, but when he’s not working on his car, he’s usually talking about his car. He also enjoys his downtime with friends and family where he gets to relax and just think… about race cars of course.

          Austin may be a rookie to the Mason Dixon series, but he is not a rookie in the 270 division. The end of the 2020 racing season was just the beginning of his career. In a span of 3 months, Austin competed in 12 races at 3 different tracks. He ran 1 Mason Dixon sanctioned race which was at Path Valley. Bower also competed at Linda’s Speedway and Greenwood Valley Action Tracks. After running a handful of races last year, he found that he really enjoys the smooth track that Greenwood Valley has to offer. Despite having little experience under his belt, he also looks forward to learning something new each time he’s at the track. His goal for his first full time season is to put in more time on the track and to gain experience!

          Austin Bower Racing is a one car team located in Millerstown, PA. Most of their help comes from family and friends who enjoy being at the track. Austin and his team are really hoping to be able to put his car in victory lane for the first time in his career!